How to Choose the Right Type of Tire

how to choose tires

With countless makes, models, and design variations available today, selecting the ideal tires to match your car and primary usage can seem daunting. However, fundamental knowledge of key criteria like seasons, weather, intended vehicle type, preferred terrain, top priorities, and expert brand comparisons helps simplify the process substantially. This definitive guide breaks down the most … Read more

Tire 101: How to Change Your Tire and Get a Repair

how to change tires

As the sole point of contact with the road, tires transmit acceleration, braking, and turning forces. Maintaining proper tire pressure and tread depth reduces the likelihood of failure while catching damage early allows for repairs before catastrophic blowouts occur. This article outlines when and how to change flat, temporary fix options, assess repairability, and signs … Read more

How Long Do Tires Last?

how long should tires last

In the world of automotive maintenance, one question that perennially steers the conversation is, “How long should tires last?” This essential guide delves into the heart of tire longevity, demystifying the factors that influence the lifespan of your vehicle’s unsung heroes – the tires. As the only part of your car that forms a direct … Read more